NYC: Roosevelt Island Tram

One of NYC's more unique way to travel is the tram linking Manhattan to Roosevelt Island in the East River. The tram runs parallel to the North side of Queensboro Bridge as it crosses the East River providing amazing views of Manhattan, the bridge and the East River.

On our trip there, we walked to find the lighthouse located at the northeast tip of the island. What is immediately noticeable is how quiet the island is, walking along the river was a delight. On the south side of the island is South Point Park with lovely gardens and NYC's only landmarked ruins - the photogenic remains of the Smallpox Hospital. Walking through reveals the entrance to the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park with unobstructed views of Lower Manhattan skyline.




Useful things to know:

  • The fare is $2.75 per ride and is paid for by the same Metrocard used for the subway and the buses.
  • There's a visitor centre located just outside the tram station
  • The size of the island makes it excellent for exploring by foot. There is also a free bus which circles the island, stopping at various points.
  • The island can be accessed by the F subway line (Roosevelt Island stop) and from Queens, via the Roosevelt Island Bridge.
  • There are not many places offering food, we came across a handful of eateries on the north side and a Gristedes (grocery store) about 5-10 minutes walk from the tram station.

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