LDN: Sunday Roast Alternatives

Don't get me wrong, I love a Sunday roast as much as the next person. In fact, it has been known for our household to rustle up a Tuesday roast just to squeeze in more beef & Yorkshire puddings into the week! But...sometimes we just fancy a change, so here are our favourite London alternatives to the Sunday roast. 

1. Roka weekend brunch, Canary Wharf or Aldwych

The only difference between the two brunch is how the starters are served. At the Wharf, you serve yourself from a large selection and at Aldwych, it's still all you can eat starters but you just let your server know which dish you'd like more of.  

Bubs is seen wearing the Grandpa Shirt by Olivier Baby & Kids


2. Burger & Lobster, Mayfair

A must visit for all lobster lovers, there are now multiple branches around London but our favourite is still the original Mayfair restaurant. Having said that, we recently popped into the Bond Street one; it's location makes this the perfect pit stop from shopping. 

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3. Phoenix Palace, Marylebone

We love dim sum in our household, this to me is the ultimate comfort food. Takes me right back to my formative days in Hong Kong and there's something special watching Theo falling in love with the same food that I adored as a child. The Marylebone dim sum scene is pretty much dominated by Royal China & Bright Courtyard on Baker Street but Phoenix Palace is our place to go. Not only is the food yummy but it's also where Mr. J and I hosted our Chinese Wedding Banquet before our evening reception at Claridge's Hotel.    

For those truly committed to their roast, here's our favourites:

1. Hawksmoor, various locations

2. The Grazing Goat, Marylebone 

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